Final Evaluation Meeting in Athens

The time has come to draw the conclusions of the project, to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and work on the guidelines, all with an eye oriented towards the future, in order to be able to design new Proximity Health developments.
As soon as the guidelines are finalized, they will be published on the site, sent and disseminated through all our communication channels and through local, regional, national and European networks.

There are various development ideas for the future that start from the assessments, stimuli and sharing of operators and teams, who work on the street every day to guaranteeing access to health services for everybody, regardless of their background or identity, is an essential aspect of achieving equitable healthcare. Discriminatory actions create barriers to access, leading to disparities in health outcomes among different populations.

To ensure inclusion and equal access, it is crucial to provide low-threshold services. Low-threshold services refer to health services that have minimal requirements and are easily accessible to all individuals. These services should be designed to provide to the specific needs of diverse communities, including those who face social, economic, or cultural barriers to healthcare.