#4 Blended Mobility in Florence

The fourth and last mobility of the Proximity Health project has just ended. Eleven operators from the teams of partner organizations, from Belgium, Romania and Greece, visited services and projects of Cat Social Cooperative and partners in the area.

The eleven participants were integrated into small groups within the street units aimed at sex workers, Persons Who Use Drugs (PWUD), homeless, listening and help spaces for women living on the street, info points aimed at trans people, infoshop aimed at Young People Who Use Drugs (young PWUD). The operators also visited the Polo delle Marginalità, La Fenice, the Niccolò Stenone medical clinic and Casa Stenone.

This organization of mobility has made it possible to integrate the teams into daily work, favoring an exchange between operators, between different professional figures, also allowing the meeting between the population coming from the countries of the organizations (in particular Romania) and operators of the organizations themselves.

The involvement of the Cat Cooperativa Sociale teams was therefore very high, both during moments of presentation and discussion on the phenomena, on the target population and on visions and best practices in use. There were also moments of sharing of sociality and conviviality between participants in the blended mobility and beneficiaries. We thank Vivian Love’s team, who work with sex workers and trans women who spent Thursday evening with us!