Transnational Meeting: Proximity Health in Brussels again!

These two days served to plan the next steps of the project in detail, also in the light of the evaluations of the previous meetings and actions carried out. Lots of stimuli and ideas shared in the working group. One of the focuses on which we have worked is the theme of data. The lack of homogeneous and updated data at European level, starting from a shared definition of homelessness, represents a criticality that has repercussions in terms of understanding the phenomena, planning projects and services on the territories. It would be useful to have access to comparative regional analyses, also to be able to work on the impact assessment of territorial actions.

The lack of data concerning homelessness on a European level is a significant hurdle that needs to be overcome in order to assure stronger impact and improve project services for homeless people. EU countries has to work on a common definition, improved data collection and coherent indicators to be able to better understand and assess the extent of the problem.

By addressing the lack of data and promoting the collection and sharing of updated information, European countries can strengthen their response to homelessness, improve services, and ultimately make a significant impact on the lives of homeless individuals.

Next meeting in Bucharest!