#2 Bruxelles: 5 days with Infirmiers de Rue

Five days of mobility and exchange with mixed teams have just ended, with participants from organizations participating in the Proximity Health project.
The tight schedule of activities allowed us to get to know the projects and services managed by our Belgian partner, as well as getting to know the fantastic teams who gave us a warm welcome!
We visited many projects, among these we cannot fail to mention My Way, aimed at the homeless relocated by IDR and stabilized in housing and which is part of the Housing First programme.

The discussions that took place within the group of participants were very stimulating. First of all the focus on the objective “Ending homelessness instead of managing it!”. It is a priority to keep always in mind when a project, a service or a campaign are designed or realized that the goal is the elimination of homelessness and not a better management of the phenomenon. This change of perspective allows us to act with a different perspective even in individual interventions, where sheltering and housing, even if temporary, are no longer a negotiable part to request maximum compliance from the beneficiary to a program, but the affirmation of a fundamental and non-negotiable human right. To find out more about Infiermiers de Rue visit their website!

To find out more about Infiermiers de Rue visit their website!